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Jill Hallenberger                         Updated 5/28/14                      
Language Arts 6 teacher
651-621-6400 ext. 6483

Scheduled Communications Hours for 2013-14:  Please contact me to schedule a 5-10 minute meeting if you feel it necessary. 
Available dates:  4:15 5:30PM  
Quarter 1:  September 11, 18, 25    
                    October 2, 9, 16, 23, & 30 
Quarter 2:    November 13         December 12         
                            January 8,  15        
Quarter 3:    February 5, 13     March 25       
                             April 1
 Quarter 4:    April 9         May 8, 15

Common nights are as scheduled on the school calendar.
If you aren't able to meet with me during these times, please contact me so we can work something out.

Language Arts 6(full year)
 Students will engage in language activities that will help them to develop reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through a variety of activities.  Non-fiction readings will be the primary focus for reading selections.  Writing activities include but are not limited to:  Essay, journals, and letters.

All students need the following things DAILY:
  • Student Planner
  • Notebook or Loose Leaf Paper
  • Folder or section of a binder/Trapper Keeper to hold papers specific to class
  • Writing Utensil (pencil or pen--NOTE: final drafts of formal writing assignments--where rough drafts and editing are completed as part of the writing process--ARE to be in INK--blue/black).  There are certain, specific assignments that should be handwritten (unless we have a prior agreement in place due to specific circumstances).  Other assignments may be typed, but students should be the ones completing the keyboarding. 

Strongly suggested also...

  • Independent Reading Book--a fiction or non-fiction book that students have chosen ON THEIR OWN (not one that has been assigned in another class) for reading--it could come from the Chippewa IMC, the public library, teacher classroom libraries, personal long as it's not one assigned by another teacher.
Scholastic Book Clubs--Class Activation code: HKF7G

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Root Beer Lady Unit

For May 19

DOL Wk 8

Dorothy Molter/Root Beer Lady info; Greek/Latin Roots/Prefixes/Suffixes and test words

DOL Wk 7

DOL Wk 6 and Unit 6 Suffixes

April 1 info

Letter to Mosher Home resident and Unit 3 Roots/Prefixes/Suffixes and Test Words

February Research Paper--Biography Informative Research
Students in Quarter 3 are working on using multiple sources to create an informative research paper on a famous MN contributor--either someone who was born in MN and went on to greatness or who was born elsewhere and became great during their time in MN [More]

Journal Check #5 and DOL #5

Journal topics for Journal Check #4 and Unit 2 notes for Prefixes/Suffixes/Roots

Links to news articles--Math and Our Number Sense; Dolphin Dimples Detect Electricity

DOL Wk 4, intro letter to the Mosher Home resident, Journal Check #3 and Unit 1 Greek/Latin Roots/Prefixes/Suffixes

Parent Information Night
Syllabus and SMART Notebook notes [More]

Regarding SchoolView

Communicating with me

What can parents do to help their child with Language Arts?

Just what is Ms. Hallenberger's class?
DOL and Journaling are 'revealed' and clarified via graphics [More]

My Shelfari Recommendations
If you're not familiar with some of the young adult literature that is out there currently, please feel free to check out books on my Shelfari account and follow what is added [More]

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