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What is an "excused absence"?

Any days needing to be made up can take place on the last day of the swim unit or in an after school make up swim. After school make ups will happen at the end of the quarter. Most kids who miss a day or two can make up those days in 10-20 minutes.
Any days not made up recive an incomplete. At the end of the quarter incompletes will turn into an "F". This can turn you grade for the whole quarter into an "F".
Parental note- A note from a parent will excuse you from swimming for up to three school days, but those days must be made up. If you forget your note the office can help you to call a parent and write a note for your teacher.
Doctors note- A doctors note from a doctor that is non related will excuse you from the swim unit for as long as the doctor has stated. You will not need to make up these days.
Forgotten or missing suit/towel- The school has many suits and towels that can be borrowed for the day. Students will sign out for them and return them after class so they can be washed. Not returning a suit or towel results in a loss of credit for the day and must be made up. If a student refuses to borrow a suit or towel it is considered a "no dress".
Missed school days- You will need to make up any swimming days that you were not in school for.
School related activity- School activities such as band or play practice, student council, field trips or after school groups are an excused absence. You will not need to make up these days.
Injury- Any injury that has you in a cast, sling or boot will prevent you from swimming. Depending on the length of time you will be wearing it your normal gym teacher will decide if you need to make up the missed days. With a healing injury the teacher may decide to put you in another gym class for the hour so you still recive credit for the unit. If your injury is healing and you can do light swimming tell the teachers. They can modify the swimming so as to not stress joints or muscles that have the okay for gentle exercise.
Chlorine Allergies- As with any allergies it must be verified by an allergist or a dermatologist. If it is a simple rash some lotion after each swim can help. Chlorine does dry out your skin so remember to take care of it.
Illness- If you have an illness that still allows you to come to school we will expect you to swim. With compacted earwax, ear infection and swimmers ear we will give you a kick board and let you keep your head out of the water as you swim laps during class.
No Dress days- Any student who refuses to swim will be sent to the deans office for the hour. A note will be sent home.

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