Honors Chemistry Atomic Structure / Periodic Table Test

Practice Problems

1.     Write the electron configuration in core notation, longhand notation, and arrow/box notation for the element Magnesium.

2.     How many protons, neutrons, and electrons does Cesium contain?

3.     How many protons and neutrons does Cs-137 contain?

4.     List an element for each category that would be a good conductor, semiconductor, and insulator

5.     Explain the law of definite composition and the law of conservation of mass.

6.     Explain the Bohr model of the atom.

7.     How many electrons does the 4p level hold?

8.     How many electrons does one 5f orbital hold?

9.     Which is more reactive with water, K or Ca?

10.  What are characteristics of the noble gases and why?

11.  Which element has the larger atomic radius:  Zn or Cs?

12.  Explain ionization energy and electronegativity.

13.  Why do the elements all have unique emission spectra?