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Sophomore Information

What's Happening.....

  • Try to get off to a great start academically. Tenth grade A's and D's count just as much as junior and senior grades. You are on the way to establishing a GPA and rank that will be key factors in the eyes of college admissions staff.
  • Explore clubs and activities both in and out of school that offer chances to develop your interests, talents and leadership skills. Consider volunteering in your community. (Your goal shouldn't necessarily be to develop a long list of extra-curricular's. Colleges would prefer to see passion and commitment to one or two activities.)

  • This month all sophomores will take the PLAN test.  The PLAN is a practice ACT. Please pay close attention to the Daily Bulletins and to the Student Services home page for more specific details and dates.
  • Now is the time to get to know your dean if you haven't. You may want to map out a plan for your next two years.
  • If you have an older brother or sister and they are visiting a college, accompany them to get a feel for what it is like.
  • Work on your study skills and your time management.  Refining these skills will prove very beneficial as you move into the upper classes.
  • The Minnesota National College Fair will happen during this month.  Please see the Daily Bulletin or the MNCF link for more information.  
  • The end of the first quarter occurs this month.  Although the grades from the quarter are not final, they do give a good indication of how you are doing at MVHS.  If your grades are not where you would like them, please learn how to seek out help.  This could include contacting a teacher, attending study sessions put on by National Honors Society (NHS) or speaking with your dean.

  • Parents and teachers will have a chance to meet this month (refer to School Calendar or Daily Bulletin for specific dates).  We strongly encourage parents and students to attend Parent Teacher Conferences.  Even veteran parents still learn new information and find better ways of helping their student succeed on this night.
  • Any chance you may want to participate in collegiate athletics? Make sure to check out the NCAA requirements for participation in college athletics.

  • In this month the school usually receives the results from the PLAN test which was taken in October.  Look forward to a special Sophomore Parent's Night where we will ask parents and students to come and have the PLAN test explained. Not only is the PLAN test a good indicator of future ACT scores, but it also has an interest survey and can help students begin the thought of what to do after high school.   
  • Now is a pretty good time to start requesting information for schools that you may be interested in. However, be ready for lots of mail.
  • During Winter Break, consider visiting local colleges.

  • First Semester Ends in this month (see School Calendar for specific date).  This will result in final grades that stay on your transcript through your HS experience.  If you are not please about your grades, please seek assistance or advice from a teacher or dean.   
  • Begin discussions with your parents about college plans--especially financial considerations, distance from home, etc.
  • Register for your junior year. Think carefully about your course choices. Consider the advice of your parents and teachers. Make sure you are scheduled for the (1) appropriate classes needed for graduation and (2) for the colleges you might someday wish to attend. (Keep in mind that colleges will look for challenging coursework.) See your dean if you have questions.

  • Visit some of the internet sites recommended on our Resources page.

  • Students in AP classes may want to register for AP exams, if appropriate. See our testing page that describes these tests.  This page is located under Planning for the Future on the left sidebar of our site. 
  • Consider taking SAT Subject Tests while subjects are fresh in your head (ie. take the Biology exam after completing Accelerated Biology or the US History exam after the AP US History course).  For more information, please see our SAT Testing page under Planning for the Future on the left sidebar of our site. 
  • Please look forward to Parent Teacher Conferences again this month.  At this point teachers should have mid-quarter grades prepared and will be ready to discuss your student's performance in the second semester.

  • Attend the regional College Fair at Normandale Community College.
  • Investigate potential summer experiences: work, summer school, special workshops, and college enrichment programs designed for high school students.
  • Consider taking SAT Subject Tests while subjects are fresh in your head (ie. take the Biology exam after completing Accelerated Biology or the US History exam after the AP US History course).  Registration usually ends in May.
  • As the sun begins to shine more, be very careful of the temptation to put aside all of your work and play.  We understand that nicer weather is great, but unfortunately too many students begin to form habits that they later regret during this month.

  • Take the AP and SAT exams that you've registered for (see above). 
  • This month there will be an Academic Awards night.  This is a special time to celebrate the successes and achievements of individuals at MVHS.

  • Usually in this month SAT offers subject tests again.  Be sure to visit the College Board website for information and dates.

  • Find a summer job and start saving for college. Summer jobs that might be related to your career interests are a plus.
  • Take advantage of your more flexible schedule to prepare for the PSAT, SAT or ACT.  For links to some preparation services, please click here.

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